Coffee Chronicles : Chapter 1

Justina Chen writes in North of Beautiful – “Adventure in life is good; consistency in coffee even better” .

That’s all, In my mind I seriously don’t see the need to write anymore and YOU My dear Coffee Lover don’t need to read anymore. But my Boss withholds MY cup of coffee promised TO ME at the end of this rant. So on wards I must wade on Why Coffee , How Coffee ? (AND, Where’s MY Coffee?).

Do you remember your very tryst with this bitter grainy powder, this weird dark powder which very soon would become quite the life partner, our soul mate for those early misty mornings and the grey rainy evenings. The lover who appreciates the 55 shades of literature, The Friend for those weekend long TV series binges, The Knight in shining armour for the late night movie and is still happy to be relegated to the corner of our cluttered work table going cold and flat. (finish THAT cup, it has feelings too!)

I remember my first few memories of this, my most favourite elixir, being the creamy frothy semi liquid concoction assiduously whipped into being by my mother for the guests who didn’t go for the usual tea. I remember slyly pinching a finger of this concoction of milk, hot water, coffee powder and sugar and licking it whole. Ahh! The memory still lingers close by only to come to the fore when I smell great coffee anywhere in the world.

Coffee, for those in the know, is not just a drink, neither a means to while away time. It is, but, a way to steal time that should by rights belong to our older self.

We want to bring this love for coffee to you Dear Reader, open in you, this Dam of memories attached to our beloved coffee in its purest most loving form.

We raise you a mug and toast for the longevity of this love affair.

Salud .

P.S. – “Mercy”, I mumble to my Boss, “What have you done to MY french roast!”


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