Coffee Chronicles : Chapter 2

“I believe, humans get a lot done, NOT because we’re smart, but because we have thumbs so we can make coffee”, I personally, wholeheartedly, support this pronouncement from Flash Rosenberg.

Where would the world stand today, if it wasn’t for the Brew of the Gods?

The discovery of coffee has enlarged the realm of illusion and given more promise to hope.I’m quite sure Alexander, in counsel with his generals, inspired by a hot freshly brewed coffee in his ruby encrusted chalice said, “Heaven cannot brook 2 suns, nor Earth 2 masters!” and thus proceeded to conquer the world.

We, my co-founder and I, live our lives measurable in coffee breaks. In other words, coffee features quite prominently in both our lives, as I am immensely sure, it does in yours.

The not-so-humble coffee, (yeah, tea is humble, coffee isn’t anything of the sort!), dons several roles.

He’s the early morning friend, whom you hate to love. He’s the one you turn to, to pick you up and dust you off, during the middle of a particularly grueling day. He sits patiently beside you while you mull the eccentricities of the world around, gallantly bears your own and then some.

Coffee never betrays, never fails you and most importantly, he never ever disappoints you. Every cup you brew, every sip you take is the start of a new love affair.

Our only hope is that we can play Cupid and help you find your one true, lifelong love.