A Boy, A Girl and A Cup Of Coffee.

In the flow of the moment, he sent her a text asking her out to coffee.And she said yes.

A bold move on his part

So it began. The wait before the date.


His thoughts taking off in every direction.

“What if she doesn’t like me. Hope I don’t stutter. I am so nervous. If she likes me and if things work out, how far can I take it and can I really commit. What if I am wrong about her. What if she is not who I think she is. What if I don’t like her, but she likes me, how will I tell her I am not interested without hurting her. What if I like her and she doesn’t like me, what will I do ? Should I take this seriously ? It’s just a date. Nothing more. Things will be fine. But if this is the one I am waiting for, how will I know ? Maybe it’s like the movies. It will start raining or there will a voice from inside or nothing will happen. She might cancel, I would be sad and maybe relieved. No I am losing my mind . Let me call a friend but wait I might sound stupid. What should I do ?”

And soon the day arrived. It was scheduled for 5 pm in one of the most popular cafes in the city, which had an open verandah surrounded by trees.He was a little early for his Mother always told him to never keep a girl waiting.

She came in at 5 minutes after 5 and he stood up to greet her. She smiled curtly, and took a seat opposite him.

Even though she was as cool as a cucumber on the outside, her thoughts had gone into overdrive

He looks nervous. I think he was expecting someone else. Someone taller maybe. Damn it, I should have worn heels. But maybe he likes petite women?  Maybe it’s my hair, mom always says it looks like a bird’s nest. I shouldn’t have said this out loud.He’s not smiling. He thinks I’m not interesting. Why is he staring at my purse!? Does he think I’m only here for a free drink? Hmph! I’m a working woman, how dare he compare me to those sleazy freeloaders hanging out at the mall. It’s not like he’s such a rockstar. Raybans, how typical.

He smells like Rexona. I hope I don’t smell like Nani’s sambhar. I’ve told her a million times to close the kitchen door when cooking, everything smells of sambhar. That’s why he’s repulsed by me. He’s wearing Raybans and smells like deodorant. I’m a short, sambhar-smelling girl with a haystack for hair, who looks like a free loader!!!


Of course behind those Raybans, lay the thoughts of a very nervous individual.

Oh God ! she looks so mesmerising. And she smells so heavenly. I should  have used that perfume my aunt got me from America, damn it ! She seems so graceful and if she smiles, I am going to start blushing like an idiot. If my friends ever saw me like this, I am done for. Oh my God ! my hands have gone red. I should take my glasses off but I might not be able to stop myself from smiling like a monkey and I could come across as creepy ! Ahhhhhhhhhh, what am I going to do ?


“Excuse me, sir” said the waiter

“Yes” replied he

“Would you like to order for something ?


He looked at her “Would you like to have something ?”

She looked at him intently and said “A cup of coffee.”

The waiter asked “ Cappuchino ? “

She replied “Perfect”

He looked up the waiter and said “Same for me, please !”


After what seemed like a lifetime, the coffees arrived, neither saying anything in the meantime.


Lifting up their respective cups to their lips, the first sip of coffee rushed in, the aroma came bursting through rushing down their throat.

They couldn’t help but let out a  smile.

The ice had been broken and the world made sense again !


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The Prequel

Another morning, another day and the only thing that remains a constant, a beautiful cup of coffee. As it brews and the fragrance hits your nose, awakening your inner temple.

And as you reach for your first cuppa of the day, you realise that it is such a perfect stimulant.


Sipping very slightly and enjoying the first rush of caffeine entering your body, sparking of a reaction, making you smile ever so slightly. As the sleep recedes, it gets substituted with a raw energy that starts to heighten all your 5 senses while sharpening your 6th.

The killer of procrastination, the conqueror of lethargy, the king of stimulation (on the right side of the law.)

Ahhh what would we do without coffee.

The world truly woke up when it discovered coffee. The true elixir of the gods if I may go so far as to call it that. The resolve to be best version of you, only becoming stronger with every sip.

And how lives actually revolve around coffee. When a young fellow comes of age, he usually shows his interest in the fairer sex by asking them to coffee. If the young lady finds him interesting, she accepts. And over a stimulating brew, they divulge just enough so as to keep it interesting.

The fair connoisseur who lifts the nose at the most pungents of coffees, but the love for coffee stems from coffee itself. Coffee is liked by everyone and loved by the masses. One way or the other you find a reason to love it.

Walking into a cafe, the whiff of freshly prepared coffee gets you excited, and it raises your hope of a great experience.

The one friend who is always there even if life goes sideways. The one friend who always without fail, lifts up your spirits when you are down. The only best friend you will ever need.

So here is me raising my cup to you fellow coffee lover and wishing you all the good things in life !

Cheers 🙂
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